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In this episode, I share some statistics that will help you to understand how consumers behave online and how they use websites, specifically major social media websites like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. You’ll gain valuable insight into how to successfully find your own ideal customers online with savvy research tips and trusted engagement techniques, from utilising video to joining Facebook groups.

If you’re already keen to this innovative age of digital media and doing business online, this episode will give you a new perspective on how to engage with your customers on the Internet and will give you the confidence to know that your online practices are effective. Together, we’ll dive into information on “smart” devices, where consumers are spending their time online, the role of video and YouTube in people’s lives, why Facebook isn’t dead, and much more!

Are you ready to hear some mind blogging stats and powerful pieces of advice that will change the way you do business in this new era? Grab a notebook and pen because you’re going to want to write these down!

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[00:00] Introducing the topics and intentions of this episode

[02:55] Join the Supercharge Your Website Challenge

[03:38] The importance of doing initial consumer behaviour research + How to conduct it

[07:11] Ofcom Report: 87% of people age 16+ used the Internet by the end of 2019

[09:20] Think mobile first: The number of people who only use computers or laptops to go online decreased over the past two years

[11:21] Making our homes “smart”: By the start of 2020, over half of the Internet-connective devices in our households were smart TV’s

[12:56] Connection is increasing: People are spending more time online than ever and it’s likely not going to decrease after lockdown is over

[15:25] News and information sites are reaching almost every single Internet user in the UK

[16:23] Investigating the group of people out there who don’t use the Internet

[18:18] Where consumers are spending their time online: More than 1/3 of measured time spent online is spent on Google or Facebook-owned sites (YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.)

[20:50] Where to start when reaching your ideal customer online

[22:00] Games are for all ages: Don’t assume certain uses of Internet behaviour belong to particular age groups

[23:53] Should you be on YouTube?

[26:10] The year of the video: The percentage of online adult consumers using online video calling at least weekly doubled in 2020

[27:51] Google still dominates the market

[28:38] Rand Fishkin /Moz Report About Search Word Numbers: 25% of queries are 5-6 words or more

[30:58] Using YouTube to reach consumers: Being educational/informational + Its influence on purchases

[34:02] Facebook is the 3rd most visited website in the UK + Why Facebook is so great for business and for learning how to structure your offering

[36:57] Building your online profile with Instagram: Ages, intentions, and consumer behaviour of users

[39:00] Research tips + Takeaways from this episode

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Rand Fishkin /Moz Report About Search Word Numbers: 

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McKinsey: www.mckinsey.com

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