Build Your WordPress Website in 21 Steps (WordUp Brighton Talk)

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Back in 2019 I created a 21 day mini-course live with 100 beta testers to help them create their very own WordPress website.

My aim was to to try and decant the process that i had developed building my own client websites into something that could be followed step-by-step.

The course was called The WordPress Bootcamp and it was a lot of fun.

Over half of the 100 testers ended up with a ready-for-live website leading me to run the beta test again to make improvements and then to eventually launch the course within The Supercharge Your Website Membership.

I got to talk about the process for the first time at WordCamp Brighton in 2019 and then again at WordUp Brighton in February 2020 and share the process with the WordPress community.

I’ve been really keen to do this as a way to help the community understand how better to reach small business with the platform and show “real people” using WordPress for their businesses successfully.

One of the topics that comes up again and again in the talk is how small business owners need to crack on with getting their websites done and live and this is why using pre-built themes, templates and layouts works so well.

The process of using something that has already been designed and tested means that you don’t have to learn design principles or aesthetics from scratch.

It’s a game changer for many that want to create their own website, as is the learning about buying hosting and managing

You can learn a lot about the platform from the users and WordPress is not exception!

The most recent recording of the talk can be seen below, although I have recently also just delivered it to the online version of the WordUp Portsmouth meetup and will share that too as had some excellent questions about some of the steps.

You can follow the steps as follows:

1. Buy hosting 9:30
2. Buy / point domain 11:15
3. Install WordPress 12:18
4. Configure WordPress 13:04
5. Add plugins 19:56
6. Add theme 23:41
7. Configure plugins 25:28
8. Set up menu structure 25:57
9. Load pre-built layouts 27:51
10. Configure the design 32:16
11. Add Contact form 34:40
12. Integrate email marketing 32:15
13. Add favicon 36:27
14. Add social icons 37:04
15. Add privacy disclaimers 37:45
16. Configure SEO in Yoast 39:30
17. Add an SSL Certificate 40:45
18. Optimise images 42:04
19. Back site up 43:15
20. Submit to Google 46:20
21 Go “Live” 47:58

If you are interested in learning more about how I build WordPress websites and want to do it yourself, then head to The WordPress Bootcamp to learn more.

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  1. Clair

    This blog and video is great, it really breaks down what is essentially a very intimidating process into manageable steps that even the most un-techie people can follow because of Vicki’s practical no nonsense approach.


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