Glad to be back

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Thought of the Day | 0 comments

The Insta/phone break has been good but it wasn’t voluntary. My phone glitched and died at the weekend and so I was left to the mercy of the phone provider and then the postal service to get a brand new iPhone 📱 into my hot little hands.

It gave me a few days of introspection. Without being able to reach from my phone and cut short my thoughts with interruptions I was able to start planning the course I want to roll out to teach digital marketing best practices. Very exciting times!

It also meant I was able to put some time into the many Facebook groups I belong too and get some well needed research in about what people think about stuff.

Yesterday, in particular, was interesting as Facebook’s Ad platform went down sending advertisers and agencies in the groups we frequent into a total spin. Got me thinking that we can’t put our eggs into one basket. We have to diversify how we reach different audiences.


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