How to add code to your website header (Google, Facebook, Pinterest etc)

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There an increasing need for website owners to have to verify that they own the website they say they own with third-party online software tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook, or Pinterest.

Verification is the process of proving that you own your site and so third party tools can safely send back and forth data.

Typically website owners are being asked to add code to their website’s header to do this which may be outside of the remit of what the average DIY website builder can do.

This post will show you a simple way you can do this on WordPress without having to go into your website code and enable you to verify your website quickly and painlessly.

Check to see if you can add code using your theme

Many WordPress themes and theme builder actually have dedicated areas on their interface in the WordPress admin that allow you to add code to the header of your site.

In the Divi Theme you can add code via the Theme Options >Integrations tab here:

In Elementor you’ll need to use the Custom Code feature to add code to a Page in the Header Element in the display options. More on this right here.

Use a plugin

The other way to add verification code to your website without tinkering with code is to use a plugin.

This may suit you if you don’t have a Theme that gives you the option of doing this.

Insert Headers and Footers by WPBeginner is really easy to use option that adds an interface to add code in the Settings section of your WordPress admin:

You’ll need to keep the plugin running all of the time if you are adding code that needs to be accessed on an ongoing basis like the Facebook pixel or Google Analytics.

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