How to add your facebook or google customer reviews to your website for free

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If you have been running your business online for a while then you will no doubt have set up the mechanisms to ask your customers to reviews of your products or services.

You’re asking your customers to leave a review after every purchase across platforms like Google My Business, Facebook Page, Trust Pilot, YotPo and more…

This is great tactic for every small and local business because eviews are still one of the best ways to build trust with people researching your business.

In fact, last year 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses. As online consumers, we need to know that the business we are looking at is worth a visit.

After reading reviews, we are then more likely to visit that business’s website, read more reviews related to that business or move on and find another business to research.

Yet what about if a user lands direct on your website, how can you build that trust using reviews that are held on another platform?

How to add your reviews to your website

If you’re using a dedicated reviews platform like Trustpilot or YoTPo to collect reviews, then you’ll find that it is easier to integrate those review sinto your website, especially if you pay.

If you are using the free option of asking for a review via your Google My Business page or a review on your Facebook Page, then how can you get them on your website?

To do this I recommend using a tool like: which is a free way to add up to 5 reviews using a widget.

You can connect it with your Facebook or Google account and then it pulls the data into a feed that you can add to your website.

It will generate code that you can add to your website either to the widgets section (WordPress) or via block that lets you edit or add HTML code:

It’s got some minor customization and fits in really well with theme builders like Divi.

You’ll only get the latest 5 reviews, although you can pay for the tool to get more control over what you show.

Check it out over on my Work with Me page here:

I hope that you enjoyed that and got inspired to add your own customer reviews…or go out and ask for more (seems like I need some new ones!)

For more how-to guides and tips visit this decicated area of the blog:

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  1. Susan Barker

    Great advice I’ve added this to our website. Fantastic


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