How to find cool stuff out about your ideal customers using Google Analytics

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Ah Google Analytics – is there nothing that you can’t do?

Aside from supplying me with data about where my traffic is coming from and how that traffic is using my website, you also tell me cool facts about my ideal customer (well, the hope that the users on my site would be potential customers one day).

Knowing the ‘who’ around your website traffic will give you the info you need to ensure that you either change things if you’re not attracting the right kind of users to your website (maybe they’re not coming from a country that you usually sell to for example) or if you don’t know anything about your ideal customers, you can use your Google Analytics data to help build the profile you have of them.

I recommend building a client profile because it helps you understand how best to reach them online and craft content on your website that they will engage with.

In this free training, I take the members of my free Facebook Group Online Marketing Basics for Busy Website Owners (with Vicki Jakes) through some basic Audience reports that you can find in Google Analytics that can help build a picture of the who behind your traffic stats.

It assumes that if you’re watching then you have a Google Analytics account set-up and tracking on your website. If you don’t, then check this guide out first and then head back here.

Recorded live on the 4th June 2020 in my free Facebook group.

Once you’ve watched, go and find out some juicy stats about your ideal customer, make some assumptions and then come back and share what you found.

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