New Year, Start Testing

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It’s January 2nd today and I’m sure that plenty of people have already dumped their New Year’s Resolutions.

It starts out so well doesn’t it? You make that list and then will it to come true over the coming year.

I’ve seen the same situation in the project world time and time again. We spend the time at the start of the project making plans, specs, outlines, and lists, then abandon it all when things start to change or go wrong.

Or make a plan to do something that will take weeks (and sometimes months) before being able to see any results and so naturally get bored and not see it to the end.

This is why working in Agile is such a great thing for any business to consider. Build, measure, learn.

Something that can be put to market to test quickly is more valuable than holding onto your original plan no matter what.

In Agile, getting the results quickly, even when they’re not what you were expecting is better than waiting. In the software world, short Sprints of time are given to intensively coming up with features that can be shipped and tested by the end user. That test data can then feed back into how to improve the feature. It’s cheaper, more flexible and better for morale!

In marketing, Agile can be used to test little theories and practices quickly so that you know where to send your efforts. Working isolated on 50-page e-book for your business for 6 months is no good if you then discover that no-one wants to buy it. Testing a book title and mock cover with a small group on Facebook over a period of 2 days would have given you more insight.

Looking at your New Year’s Resolutions for your business in the same light could transform how you achieve your goals. Instead of committing to achieve them no matter what, perhaps committing to testing them out would work better. You can then take the pressure off and dump any that aren’t working for you or create new ones with the new data you have from your tests.

I’m putting this into practice myself with the development of a beta course to help businesses grow and nurture leads, sales, and conversions using online marketing. The testing data will feed back into improving the course and making it exactly what the testers need. very excited!

If you’re wondering how to implement an Agile mindset, then maybe you can:

  • Test to see if a certain type of blog post with a new tone in the writing gets more engagement.
  • Try out a platform you’ve not been on before to try and reach your audience.
  • Look at the data that your marketing effort produce and not being despondent when something you thought would work doesn’t.

Making 2019 your year to test might be the way forward to ensuring you reach your goals (and they might not be the goals that you started out with!)


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