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In this episode, I talk with Toby Moore, Owner of The Content Club and Poster, which are community and training organisations that help business owners create and repurpose creative social content.

Toby is here to talk about how to approach creating online content for your ideal customers, how to execute that content creation, and then how to repurpose your existing content so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time.

“The purpose of content is to build trust with people… that’s the very bottom line… create a very meaningful relationship between you and someone that could be a potential customer or member of your community or a champion of your brand.”

We discuss the process of figuring out what to say to your audience and how to interact with them, as well as the difference between calls to action and calls to conversation. Toby describes the importance of figuring out what pace and quantity of content creation is manageable for you and working on plans and templates before starting to create your content, noting his opinion on how often businesses should be writing content.

He emphasizes the power that resides in being a meaningful contributor to your community, asking questions and facilitating conversations, along with how that in itself is a form of content creation… and so much more!

Are you struggling to cultivate a strong sense of productivity and confidence in your social content creation process?

Tune in to learn how you can create a system for yourself to make consistent content creation feasible and simple with Toby’s best formula for writing a blog post and his “3 P’s” method of maintaining productivity.

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[00:00] Introducing Toby Moore

[01:49] What to expect in this episode

[03:27] All about Toby Moore: From music, to IT, to content creation and marketing

[07:19] Explaining ideas in an understanding and emotionally engaging way

[10:12] Being reflective of your existing community and target market

[12:35] Advice for businesses who don’t have customers yet: The Three C’s

[16:30] Conversation as content + The purpose of content creation

[21:20] Calls to action vs Calls to conversation: Does the practice of turning interaction into conversation apply to B2C businesses?

[25:58] Do you think some of the content product/eCommerce businesses could be creating is through objections as to why people would buy their product compared to competitors?

[27:02] How often should businesses be writing content?

[31:24] The best formula for writing a blog post

[32:34] The key to maintaining productivity in content creating: Planning, Producing, & Promoting

[33:54] All about Poster

[35:50] Issues Toby has seen in people trying to repurpose content + His approach to repurposing content

[37:19] Simplifying your content creation system: Is it feasible for business owners to not experience content burnout?

[39:05] Differences between repurposing content across various social platforms + Tips for interacting on LinkedIn

[44:35] How to connect and work with Toby

[46:05] The two most significant elements in content creation and repurposing

[47:17] Outro + Takeaways

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  1. Clare Wright

    Thank you Vicki and Toby for some great insight on the way to create great content. Especially that it’s best to plan and sort out the template first at a separate time to when you actually start writing. This is all very new to me so Thanks again for giving the motivation to get writing. Will be checking out more of these podcast 🙂


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