🎙[PODCAST] How to market your business online in 2021 (with Teresa Heath-Wareing)

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In this episode of Online Marketing Basics for busy website owners, I am delighted to interview Teresa Heath-Wareing host of the popular weekly podcast “Marketing that Converts”.

Teresa is an award-winning international speaker, TEDx speaker, trainer, podcaster and business owner and with her extensive experience in the world of marketing (online and offline), was the ideal person for me to chat with about what it takes to grow an online business.

We find out about her background as a marketer, and what made her decide to start her own business “accidentally”.

She covers the effort and drive she has put into her own business visibility growth and discusses when a business might feel like they have “made it” (hint: the answer is never!)

I get the low-down on how she bagged guests like James Wedmore and Amy Porterfield on her podcast and how Pat Flynn become her “warm-up act”.

We also manage to chat about what we think are the important marketing tactics that small businesses should be applying in 2021.

This is an episode packed with stories and nuggets of great info. I really enjoyed the chat and hope you do too!

00:01 – Intro from Vicki

02:20 – Intro to Teresa

03:48 – The story behind being an “accidental entrepreneur”

07:29 – The origins of her online marketing business

10:49 – The importance of “graft” in your business

12:43 – How Teresa got into speaking

14:48 – When do we feel like we’ve “made it”?

17:39 – How she bagged those podcast guests!

23:54 – Why small businesses need to nail the basics

27:24 – We’re not fans of “bro” marketers – here’s why.

29:45 – The importance of appreciating what you’ve got

32:45 – What’s working in marketing 2021

37:20 – Why 121 selling is still important

41:55 – Wrap up

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  1. Ruth Pringle

    Love this. Really great, honest advice from skilled women who want to share their knowledge and help small businesses grow – without that personally cult hype stuff that people who know a lot less seem to rely on. As a result of listening I’ve just signed up with a free class with Teresa. If knowledgeable marketers are sharing tips for free, I’m in!


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