🎙[PODCAST] How to sell from your website without seeming too “pushy”

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In this podcast episode I am going to cover the most common ways you can help convince a user a buy from you, without being too pushy, and ensure that you convert to sales the traffic that you have worked so hard to get there in the first place.


  • The reason why I do what I do. (0:00:41)
  • The reason why we have a website. (0:01:50)
  • What users see when they land on your homepage. (0:03:52)
  • My top 3 recommended ingredients for a successful website. (0:04:40)
  • Why images are so powerful on your website. (0:05:18)
  • How long it takes a user to make a judgement on your website. (0:05:28)
  • Example: Pandora (0:06:30)
  • Why a headline is important. (0:07:10)
  • What type of images to use if you are service based. (0:07:24)
  • Example: Crunch (0:08:30)
  • Why you need a CTA. (0:09:10)
  • The importance of keywords relating to your business in your menu. (0:10:40)
  • How to ensure your business/website looks trustworthy. (0:14:08)
  • The reasons users abandon their shopping carts.(0:14:45)
  • The importance of the padlock.(0:15:30)
  • Why video can help convert leads on your website.(0:17:37)

Having an “explainer” video on your site can certainly help to improve conversions and 83% of video marketers say video has helped them generate leads.

  • How Dyson use video on their website (0:18:30)
  • How Service businesses can use video to explain their service/process.(0:20:04)
  • How Zappos use video on their website (0:20:45)
  • Why it is important to put yourself on videos on your website. (0:21:30)
  • How you can use Instagram stories on your website. (0:22:25)
  • Why offering free shipping helps to reduce abandoned carts websites.(0:23:28)

64% of users are already thinking about free shipping costs as early as the product page.

  • Why you should put your prices on your site. (0:25:50)
  • Why you shouldn’t ask for too much information from your users at the checkout. (0:26:45)

A study by the Baymard Institute detailed that 21% of shoppers abandon carts because of too many things to fill in and submit.

  • Why you should make it as easy as possible for used to hand over money.(0:27:56)
  • Why you should think about what data you are collecting. (0:28:40)
  • Why reviews and testimonials on your website can convert users to buy from you. (0:30:20)
  • Review tools you can use to help with sales. (0:31:50)
  • How to deal with bad reviews. (0:32:57)
  • Summary (0:34:00)

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  1. Jane Allsop

    Superb advice and tips as always, thank you Vicki!

  2. Sarah

    Fab podcast, really interesting tips about testimonials and shipping, def things to think about can’t wait for next week’s episide

  3. Darleen

    Nicely walked through important features that help conversions.

  4. Julie

    So much content, lots of great tips, thank you Vicki.

  5. Lisa

    Well done Vicki, really good to be reminded of these excellent tips!

  6. Nancye

    A really friendly and relaxed podcast to listen to. So much information jam packed in. Great tips to getting more customers staying on your website to buy. Definately agree with making it easier for the customer and can’t wait to tune in again next week for more insights and tips. Thank you.

  7. paula werrrett

    Some really great tips. Thanks very much. Already poised for next week!


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