๐ŸŽ™[PODCAST] Inside how I built my new membership website

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In this episode of Online Marketing Basics for Busy Website Owners, I cover why I decided to move my membership content from Teachable to a website I have built myself with Memberpress.

My decision to use Teachable at the beginning of my course content creation journey was the right one as it’s a ready-to-go platform, but as time has gone on, it’s become apparent that I need to host my content on my own “land”.

I only started working with Memberpress last year after helping two members create their own membership websites and I was blown away by how self-serve the building process was.

Ultimately, as Memberpress is a plugin it should be easy to install on your website and configure, and I certainly found it that easy, but you do need to get familiar with the best way to use it to restrict content.

It’s taken me a lot longer than I thought it would to build my own Memberpress website. This has been due to spending far too much time researching how to host captioned video and also being distracted by being hacked back in Oct 2020. I have finally done it though and will be “soft” launching the new membership website to my members this week.

I took on a lot of the producing of the website so that I could learn how to teach the process and i am very excited to do this later in the year!


00:00 – Intro
02:08 – My news – I’m about to launch a new membership website!
03:20 – What is Memberpress?
05:39 – Why Teachable is a great platform to get started on a beginner
10:35 – How Memberpress works
12:56 – Teachable wasn’t right anymore to host my membership
15:26 – Why being hacked stopped me from starting the build
16:29 – Finding the right platform to host my video
20:38 – Why I’m lovingย searchie.io
23:03 – Starting the testing process
24:02 – Things I’d wish I’d done differently
27:15 – What building my own website has been like
31:46 – The Supercharge Your Website Challenge is back!

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  1. Sarah

    What a great insight, thanks for sharing, fab to hear you practice what you teach and the pitfalls too, good luck with the new membership site

  2. Mark

    Hey Vicki,

    I found this a really interesting podcast.

    I recently built a membership site for a client. Iโ€™d never built one before but after much research I decided to use LearnDash. I did look at MemberPress and a few other plugins but the LearnDash site turned out well and Iโ€™m really pleased with it.

    Iโ€™d be interested in hearing about any other platforms you considered. Did you look at LearnDash?

    • Vicki Jakes

      thanks for the feedback. I did look at Learndash and probably would have used it if I was hosting a course that needed progression for users to work through but Memberpress was deffo enough! It has an in-built courses add-on now which isn’t great. I need to look at it a bit more but if it didn’t make the cut I’d integrate with Learndash too probably.


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