🎙[PODCAST] On-site SEO basics and how to apply them to your website

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Welcome back to the podcast! I had a week off last week so that I could rest my voice after the Supercharge Your Website Challenge and also welcome all of the new people who joined the membership from the back of that.

We’re focusing on SEO in the membership this week and so I thought it would be good chance to chat with you on the podcast about the basics that you need to implement on your website so that it can be seen and understood better by Google.

On-site SEO, according to moz.com, is “the practice of optimizing elements on a website (as opposed to links elsewhere on the Internet and other external signals collectively known as “off-site SEO”) in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic from search engines.”

In short, it means how you name your pages and files, how you order them, and what content you place on them in order to make your pages understood by your users and by Google.

In this episode I’ll cover a list of 8 things you can focus on and my hope is that by the end you’ll have one or two things you can go and action straight away!


00:08 Intro and why there was no podcast episode last week

02:17 The definition of “on-site SEO”

07:23 Why titles matter so much to Google and to your users

13:12 How to name URLs and slugs so that they are SEO friendly

18:53 Why your content matters so much to Google and how to optimise it

22:18 How many times should you add a keyword to your pages?

23:42 The ideal number of words for your page

24:42 Why readability is so important

26:32 Links, menu structure and being useful

32:38 Get rid of those broken links!

34:40 Image alt-tags, what they are and how to name them for optimal SEO love

39:21 More on meta descriptions

42:39 How to test your site for being “mobile friendly”

46:44 How to build trust with your users (and with Google)

51:06 Why you need to set-up your site with the Google Search Console

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Mega Menu definition





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