๐ŸŽ™[PODCAST] The secrets of time management and how to get stuff done in your business

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Welcome to this episode of the Online Marketing Basics for Busy Website owners, where I talk to a selection of business owners about how they manage time in their business.

Time management has always been something that I’ve been interested in working as a digital project manager in my corporate past.

I managed teams of designers, developers, copywriters, marketeers, all to create and deliver a project on a particular date and within budget.

Understanding how long tasks will take to complete was something I had to continually study and review as team members dealt with tasks and the time it takes to do them differently.

You can’t just sit down and say to someone, okay, go and do these things off you go because there’s a psychology behind understanding what the task is and how long it’s going to take.

I know a lot of my designer and creative colleagues were always really frustrated when the client would ask them to come up with something creative in 24 hours.

You can’t just ask someone on the spot to come up with something creative.

There’s a process, the right energy and the right environment to spur creativity and motivation on.

Not much has changed in the world pf project management since then. My new clients – small business owners – have the same challenges as my team did back then except they’re doing all of the things in their business including website management and marketing.

How much time does it take to do all of those things and what’s the priority?

How can small business owners ensure that they spend the time on the right things?

I ask a selection of business owners to give us their insight in this episode as well as outlining my own techniques.

You’re going to get some hints, tips, and gold that you can take away that will help you understand how you can prioritize the things that you’re doing in your business, manage your time better, and actually want to do the tasks that you need to do.

In this episode you’ll hear from:

Tina Lancaster, Handheld Marketing:ย https://handheldmarketing.co.uk/ Caroline Churchman, Health and Fitness Hive:ย https://www.healthandfitnesshive.co.uk/ Paul Green, The Cockpit Method:ย https://www.thecockpitmethod.com/ Dr Paula Redmond, Psychologist:ย https://drpaularedmond.com/ Rachel Larkin, NutriBalance:ย https://nutribalanceuk.com/ Carol Fare, Marriage Counsellor:ย https://carolfare.co.uk/ Dr. Louise Tondeur, Author of ‘ A Small Steps Guide to Goal-Setting and Time Management’:ย https://www.louisetondeur.co.uk/ Kate Stewart, Factory Floor Jewellery:ย https://factoryfloorjewels.com/

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