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A few weeks ago, I started to use some time on a Friday morning to answer any questions that I think might be useful for my audience. Rather than put out a blog post or a few Tweets, I decided to do a dual Facebook Live and Instagram Live.

I was inspired to act because I get A LOT of questions from the students that I have been running beta tests of my online marketing course content with.

I thought that starting a weekly Facebook and Instagram Live would be a good chance to answer them and help others who also might want to know the answers to the questions submitted.

Behind the scenes, it also gave me the chance to start testing how effective doing Facebook Lives as posts on your Facebook Page really is. After all, we all know that organic reach is down with a Facebook Page: less than 10% of all page viewers will see your posts [SOURCE].

I was really fascinated to know if Facebook Lives would be a good way to ‘attract’ more of my audience and amplify my messaging.

When I first ran a beta test for my online marketing course, I taught the research bit, I taught the tech and the process but not the varying ways to attract their ideal customers online. I left that bit up to the students.

It’s quite easy to just go for the path of least resistance when it comes to content creation and create posts that won’t stand-out because of lack of time or imagination.

I really wanted to research and understand if there was something I could teach my students that they could pick up easily and would actually have an immediate effect on engagement and that, of course, is video!

Facebook really, really want you to go live

If anything should be taken away from the recent F8 Conference, which is Facebook’s annual developer conference, is that they are really pushing the video agenda across Facebook and across Instagram. It’s no surprise as, by the end of 2020, 80% of all content viewed online is going be video.

The big players, Facebook, in particular, want to train us how to consume more video content, but that’s just one side of it because they also want to train us to start creating more video content as well.

As soon as I’d seen that F8 Conference I knew I had to try it, although putting myself in front of the camera and doing that on an on-going basis hadn’t previously happened. I felt I really needed to test it before it really hits the zeitgeist.

It could increase your views X10

Since I’ve started to see a real jump in engagement. In fact, nearly 10 times the engagement that I’m getting for just standard image or text posts on Facebook.

You can also see a significant jump in the reach too as Facebook actively shows more users your Live post than other types:

Facebook Live post engagement stats

I don’t actively market on my page and am guilty of sharing a lot of Instagram posts. I use it as my shop front for my business and to predominantly to run ads and be the admin for my Facebook marketing activity. So I am sure that I am awakening a dormant audience (700+ page followers) with this approach.

Once I saw these stats, I did wonder how I had missed out on this opportunity to reconnect!

See my most recent Facebook Live right here:

If you’re already doing Instagram Stories, then give it a try!

If you were thinking, “how am I going to reach all my ideal clients?”  then I think the number one thing you need to start considering is Facebook Lives because the platform will take your video and actively show it to more of your page followers.

If anyone engages with that video it will actively show it to all of their network too.

The other really important thing to note is when someone goes live on Facebook or live on Instagram, there’s a notification your followers receive (unless they’ve turned them off) and  this is by design from Facebook and Instagram because they want users to see if someone’s going live, and  will put that content to the front of the queue.

So I know what you’re thinking: “yeah Vicki, it’s easy for you to say, you talk for a living, you can get on and do Lives, what on earth could I do?”

Well, lots!

If you are currently doing boxing up products to send out to your customers that you’re going send out over the weekend or you’re making products or doing anything that you might be comfortable doing on Instagram Stories, then you can do those on a Facebook Live.

If you are behind the scenes somewhere, if you’re going to pick something up, if you are on the way to somewhere, just jump on and do just a couple of minutes Lives twice a week. It’s all you need to start increasing the reach of your content to your Facebook page followers.

Watch this space to find out more about Instagram Live

I would say for Instagram I haven’t seen a marked difference in engagement on users doing these Lives but I’m going continue doing them because I really feel like Facebook LIves, with a combination of perhaps IGTV is what’s going to start attracting more of my followers to my content.

…and that’s half the battle which is what Gary V. says, we’re in an attention economy, so why not utilize the tech that’s being set up to jump to the front of the queue and using the Live functions on both platforms is a great way to do it.

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  1. Emma Hannay

    Awesome advice, I’ve been trying to do this more and more! It’s super nerve racking the first few times, especially when you know someone is watching but the feedback from customers is so rewarding 🙂


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