Scrum love.

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This past couple of weeks I have put my project management hat on and have been helping a development team get to grips with the world of Agile and working as a Scrum team

Scrum Teams are an Agile term to describe a team that comes together to deliver short cycles of work, reviewing, adapting and improving as they go to ensure that the end result is the best it can be for the end user.

I have learned that teams want to work to try and get the best results but it’s not easy and it takes time. The same can be said for any new process you’re implementing. It takes time to get used to it and work out the limits and flexibility within the framework.
Helping teams become the best they can be using Agile is one of my favourite things to do and I’m fascinated with how to best apply the practices to the marketing world too.
With that in mind here are some useful takeaways:

 Take time to reflect on the things you have done so you work out how to improve for next time.
Believe in your team. Trust is everything when you’ve planned the work effectively upfront.
Never forget the end user, the one seeing your website, your product or system. It’s really their opinion you should care about the most not the one who has commissioned the work.

I’ll be back to normal next week!!!



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