Using surveys in your online sales funnels

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Next level surveys, in which you really drill down and find out more about your customers and bring them into your sales funnel at the same time to ensure they convert if they answer qualifying questions, takes time, commitment and skill. I have been fascinated to find out how to improve the survey process to gain more leads and it’s lead me to discover some interesting processes.

The Ask Method

In Ryan Levesque’s ASK Method, which I am studying at the moment, he asks you to survey at several points during an online sales funnel. Firstly, you deep dive and ask your customer exactly what they want and then segment them out to answer different questions depending on how they answer. It means that you don’t have to create lots of different surveys and you can filter down the users answering it to the right questions based on previous answers. I am simplifying it a lot here but hopefully, you get the gist: filter the users based on what they answer and then give those users what they want.

This would work for you in business if you have several different buying personas that you want to reach.

This methodology comes with its own ecosystem of books, masterclasses etc…and so it seemingly may take some time to figure it all out exactly BUT the main takeaway I’m getting from it is how important asking customers what they want is, but you have to ask them a certain way. Then you need to tailor your next set of questions to how they’ve answered.

Confused? Don’t be!

You see, people are only good at answering two basic types of questions when they don’t know what they want: what they don’t want and what they’ve done in the past. So if you ask them what problems they’ve had in the past related to buying a product or service like yours, then you can fill in the gaps and be sure to offer them the opposite.

You can then start to segment those users based on how they answered and send them different communication through your funnel next time.

The Process

It starts with The Deep Dive Survey: an open-ended question asking what their single biggest challenge is.

Next is The Micro-Commitment Bucket Survey is next a is a series of multiple choice questions aimed at gathering data before asking for the name and email address. Once you have collected enough data (and the method suggests 1000 respondents at least!) you place the different types of answers into “buckets.” Quite possibly you’ll be able to tag or segment those users into just a few areas base don your existing buyer personas.

You can then tailor your future comms to these users based on how they answered, which is a really powerful thing to do, especially if you offer products or services at few different types of people or markets.

The “Do You Hate Me?” Survey is sent to users who did not buy from you during the sales funnel and is a fun way of getting straight to the point as to why they did not take you up on your offer. You can find out a lot during this process and it’s a great way of breaking up misconceptions that you may have about your products or services.

Finally is The Pivot Survey is used to find out what those who don’t respond to you might buy if you gave them an alternative. It allows you to pivot from one bucket to another essentially.

For me, this is work in progress and I am seeing how much I can start to blend into the surveying that I currently do. At present, I am reaching out to small businesses owners and asking them what they’re single biggest challenge is right now. However, I am also continuing helping my clients and network figure how out how to get the best out of surveys’ for their businesses and where they can reach their market if they don’t have an email or customer list. I’ll be seeing how much of the ASK Method I can blend into this process too.

Thanks for reading!

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