How to build a PDF lead magnet in under 3 minutes

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Have you been putting off creating an email lead magnet?

Lead magnets are those little bits of value we give our website visitors when we want them to sign-up to our email list.

Quite often you hand it over when they’ve signed up via the subscription form on your website.

They often are PDF documents filled with valuable content, but it’s easy to think you have to create one from scratch.

Always thinking “ahhh I’ll get a designer to do that at some point!”

Have you got 3 minutes?

Perhaps I can show you how I created one using the content from my best performing blog post, putting that content into a template.

Yes I know the video is sped up, it really took me around 15 minutes to create, but the point is that I’m trying to save YOU time here!

Watch me create it and then be inspired to try the same yourself!

If this is what I can do to help you in under 3 minutes, image how much value you’d get in an hour!

I have 10 x one-to-one hour-long Zoom calls available to book before the end of the year costing £99 quid.

We can build a lead magnet in that time, look at how to improve the speed of your website, set up some ads…or plan your 2020 online marketing (my favourite thing to do!)

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