Weekly News Roundup – 15th June 2020

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This week I’ll be sharing with you some of the more useful posts from the online marketing world that you can apply to what you are doing with your own online marketing right now.

Social Media Today – Facebook Provides New Overview of How its Ad System Works

This has been shared far and wide today as Facebook let us behind the curtain to understand how they optimise our ads.

It seems that you help things along by defining the audience, but then Facebook does a complex calculation weighing up advertiser bid (how much money you’re spending on your Facebook ads), the estimated action rate that each user will take action on an ad and ad quality.

One for those already running ads and want to learn more about how your money is being spent.

Autogrow – The 47 Best Email Subject Lines

A bumper guide to writing email subject lines that will get your emails opened (and why that’s so important).

The post breaks its subject lines down into 9 key categories with examples and i think is worth a read if you are looking to try and improve those open rates and get your list clicking back to your website.

Amy Porterfield – Facebook Group Engagement: Strategies You Need To Know

Ah lovely Amy! In her podcast this week she talks about how she manages 38,000 members in her Facebook Groups, how we can get more members into our own Facebook Groups and improve engagement.

Although I already have over 600 members in my own Facebook Group(s) – check the plural there Amy! I still found some nuggets of gold in listening to this today.

James Wedmore – The Rise of the Digital CEO

Another one of my podcasting favourites has released one of the best lead magnets around today again. It’s a self-styled “Business-Growth Series” called The Rise of the Digital CEO.

Ultimately it leads you to sign up to the Facebook Group and then the offer to join his wildly popular Business By Design coaching program opens.

Aside from nerding out at his set-up, it’s also a really good series and having binge-watched it today wholeheartedly recommend a watch if you want clear advice on the mindset needed to succeed in your online business.

Mobile Monkey – New Facebook Shops Guide for Marketers & What You Need to Know [June 2020]

Since it’s launch last month, I’ve been very keen to catch-up and research on the possible impact that Facebook’s new Shops product will have for the ecommerce industry.

I was most pleased to read that there will be no processing fees to merchants that elect to integrate an existing third party ecommerce platform like Shopify or WooCommerce.

Worth a read if you run an online store right now, because if you can get onto this quickly and benefit from being an early adopter, you could get ahead of the competition.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought about these links in the comments below.

If it’s useful, IU=’ll continue to do it!

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  1. Sarah

    Thank you, so useful, and you have given me the confidence to try fb ads, will let you know how I get on


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