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In my Supercharge Your Website Membership Group I spend a week every two months focusing on email and email marketing.

I make sure that the members sign up with an email client if they don’t already have one and then integrate it with their websites so that their website visitors can sign up to join their mailing list.

Once the technical stuff is out of the way, the only thing left to do is write that very first email and start interacting with their lists.

When that list is very small in the beginning, it can be hard to find things to say and I hear a lot “I don’t know what to say” as a reason for why they don’t get started.

If this is you then I have good news…it doesn’t have to be that hard!

I’m going to outline a system that I recommend to my clients and Members which you are very welcome to take away and try yourself, and hopefully you can see that your list do want to hear what you say and you can start using it to help you sell more of your products and services.

List Your Products or Services

First things first – sit down and write out a list of all of the products and services that you offer.

You may have just one service, like an hourly call, or you may offer many different types of service. Chances are you already have these listed out on your website.

Same for you product people – write out a list of all of the products that you offer.

Once you have that list you have all of the possible subjects about what you sell that you can write about.

Maybe it could look something like this (if I was doing this exercise):

– Website building
– Website technical support
– Website design review
– Email marketing set-up
– Sales email writing
– Analytics set-up and reporting
– Facebook Ads set-up and management
– Funnel building

I have something to say about all of these topics.

In fact when a potential client asks me about any of these I can reel off quite a lot of knowledge from the top of my head.

Surely you can about your own products and services too?

Can you write an email about why you offer each of those services or why you make those products?

Tell your customers the story behind why you got started?

Perhaps you can write about the people you have helped or the feedback that you got from one of your customers.

Can you share something about the process of making or sourcing your products?

If you can write about the thing you actually sell then it’s a good start for an email – even if you’ve written about the subject before.

Then you can gently steer the email call to action at the end to how to work with you.

Tell Your List What You’re Doing

There is no point having a list if you can’t sell to them (see above) and there’s also no point if you’re not telling them what you are doing.

If you are launching a new product or service, then tell them about it!

If you are doing a webinar that week, going Live in your Facebook Group or attending an in-person event, then tell your list about it. Use it to amplify what you are doing!

This way, you can build excitement and ensure that you get attendees.

If you’re not an event-type business, then why don’t you talk about the “events” going on in your business that week anyway?

Postal times changing? Big holiday coming up? Is it the weekend tomorrow?

There’s something to say about your week ahead, no matter how boring you might think it will be, there’s a way to spin it so that you can connect with your customer about what’s happening in the world around you.

Look to Your Blogs

Remember that emails are very similar to blog posts in that you want to showcase that you’re knowledgeable and trustworthy about what you are selling.

If you have a blog on your website that you update on a regular basis, then it makes sense using that content to share with your email list.

This detracts from the need to have to write a lengthy 1000 word email each week (which your list might not like anyway) but also takes the pressure of you to think that you have to write a brand new email and a brand new blog each week as part of your content marketing efforts.

Why not take that post and repurpose, Gary Vee style!

You take the post and then repurpose that into other areas of content marketing…and this includes email!

Write Like You

When you write that email, image you are sending it to just one customer.

You probably send individual customers emails anyway, right?

Either you’re pitching your services after being asked questions via email already,, or perhaps you are going through a discovery process with a potential client via email to see if you are right for for each other?

Perhaps you are answering questions about delivery or following up on a review?

The point I’m making is that you already write to your customers in a particular way, so just adopt that same tone and style for wiring to your email list.

If you’re formal, be formal.

If you’re chatty…then be chatty!

It will make it so much easier for you to sit down and start writing if you are already writing a certain way. That’s what professional writers and copy writers do for a living – write like other people and it takes time and skill to elarn.

You write like you!

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and that it’s inspired you to start writing to your email list again.

If you want to sign-up to my weekly newsletter, then please join via the form below. I send out info about my products and services but I also try to give value like this about the world on online marketing for small business websites whenever I can.

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  1. Sarah

    Love this thanks, I’m informal as a crazy dog lady writing to crazy dog ppl and I need to remember that!! I’m trying to share a weekly email about something we’ve done eg a nice walk, a funny story or a day out just so it’s not sales all the time, but I definitely need to repurpose more, thanks for the reminder


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