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I wanted to use this post to introduce myself because I’ve been heavily promoting a beta test course for the past couple of weeks and have started to find a new audience. I  thought it would be useful to tell you a little about me.

A bit about me for the newcomers…

First and foremost, I am a mum of two small children (1 and 4). I’ve been working in agencies delivering projects, whether kind of big marketing campaigns or predominantly websites and software builds and apps for nearly 12 years. It’s a fun world and I’ve really enjoyed it because I’m techy at heart. I started off as a coder and used to be a front-end developer and then it got a bit too hard for me when kind of the internet got a little bit more complex back in the sort of the mid-Noughts!

I decided to move into project management, overseeing teams of designers and developers, as a way to deliver projects and to be able to work with clients. I seemed to have had a gift for being able to translate quite techy ideas and concepts, especially they’re kind of coming from a developer, over to clients and have them understand, I can also take clients’ needs and put them into a scope of work that I can then brief back to a designer and developer. 

What I’ve also been really good at as well as being able to pick up platforms really quickly and understand how to use them. I’ve written countless training documents and led clients through some of the most complex builds. I’ve also worked or partners with software companies where I’ve had to then pitch and sell the concept of a platform to their customers. Getting the potential of a tool or process across to help clients produce better outcomes really excites me!

Why I started Way Out Far

Last year, after a fun career path, I decided to go self-employed for the first time as wanted more time to spend with the kids and choose the hours that I could work around them. That’s how Way Out Far started. The name is from a travel blog that I used to run, about going to all sorts of far-flung places. I wanted to take it’s spirit and bring it to my freelance consulting work.  I bring knowledge from that far-flung agency world, working with corporate clients, to small businesses that want to learn more about online marketing.

I had help consult on or build new websites, improve old ones, or I can give advice or training about how to drive the right kind of traffic to them. I am big on testing and connecting with the right audiences and bring that through with my teaching. I also advise on content creation and development. It’s all of those years of experience and knowledge, available to a local or small business that needs it.

More about the course

It’s been in the back of my mind to kind of put together a course for a while because that kind of one-to-one service is always limited as I’ve only got so many hours in the day. If I put that together in an online course that can live online and people can access my knowledge when they need (and at a price that fits more than can afford me) then all the better. I want to focus it specifically to fledgling or startup businesses about what to do with your website to make it perform better for you business, how to reach your ideal target market online and what to do with them once you’ve reached them.

Over the past few weeks I have started to do a call out for people to help me with a beta test course. In the software world, beta testing is a rough and ready version of a website or an app and it’s put out to users who can give lots of feedback before putting it out properly to market. That feedback is really important because we might be making assumptions about how people would use the end product. The end-user tester might say, “Actually, you know what? I don’t like that button/content/copy or those words don’t resonate with me, you should change it.” You can use that testing time to tweak and make the product the best it can be. This really appealed to me when developing my course. I can come up with the outline of course and test that and then put  the content to a group to provide feedback. Then, I can make sure the course is the best it can be before then actually putting it out to market and selling it. 

I’m really excited about it, I’m just recording the content at the moment. To be part of this beta test course is of no charge to anyone that applies. All you’ve got to do if you take part is do the work, feedback in a Facebook group that I’ll invite you to, and fill in some surveys at the end of each module to tell me if something worked or if it didn’t work. At the end, if it all went well for you, you’d also provide me with a testimonial as well.

Sign up as a beta tester

If you haven’t signed up yet and you think, “I’m a business owner and I want to improve what I’m doing with online marketing and I’m looking to drive more traffic to my website or to sell more products or to get more email signups or my email list or to improve a funnel”, then sign up here: https://khaki-rose-l7sb.squarespace.com/

I’ll be notifying anyone that’s signed up for the beta test course in the next week! Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions about this in the comments below or drop me an email: vicki@wayoutfar.co.


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