Why you need Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your website

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Back in 2017, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk announced that he was going “all-in” on Facebook Ads and spending as much money as he could investing in them to grow his fledgling media empire.

I remember thinking “well if he’s saying it, then it must be worth it” having previously been part of the crowd that had starting to look down on the platform.

I would hear “No one uses Facebook Ads anymore” and nod sagely as Instagram and Snapchat were starting to take over, but then I started to study the ads I was seeing.

There was something about them that really worked, especially if you used video.

There was a playfulness and intelligence that could be achieved at the same time that you just couldn’t get with paid social ads and I decided to wade in and retrain.

In time I became a complete Facebook Ads nerd, clicking on ads in my feed, looking at the landing pages and noting the type of businesses who were running them, eventually investing in them to drive traffic to my own marketing activities.

I now spend thousands on Facebook Ads to drive new leads into my business each year and have helped my own clients and members make money using them the right way.

Here are the reasons that I give to my clients for why they need Facebook Ads to drive traffic to their websites:

The Audience Targeting is Detailed

Facebook provides plenty of detailed ways to reach your ideal customers based on their behaviour on your website, known likes, engagement with your Facebook Page, and other diverse demographic elements such as age, gender, and location.

You can build extremely granular audiences which generate a high ROI because you can craft your ad creative exactly to what that segment of your ideal audience would respond to.

Using the Facebook Audience Insights Tool you can research your audience in advance and then run multiple audiences in one campaign to see which one performs the best.

The old approach of trying to be everything to everyone is a thing of the past.

By the way, Gary recommend setting up 100+ audiences to test…because you can!

You Can Retarget Your Website Visitors

Once you have driven users to your website using your broad range of audiences, you can then retarget those users later.

If you have Facebook’s tracking code (otherwise known as the Facebook Pixel) on your site and tracking users, it can then serve that same user an ad when they are back on the Facebook platform.

Facebook Ads then allow you to segment those users based on the specific URL they have visited too.

This means that you can show an ad to a user who has visited the checkout page on your website, helping to remind them that that they were on your site and about to buy from you.

Users who are retargeted with your ad are 70% more likely to convert in buying from you.

You don’t get this chance with a magazine ad!

Imagine being able to get another chance to say “come back and buy!”

Facebook Will Optimise Your Ads For You

I’m also a big fan of the fact that you can set the objective of a campaign that will allow Facebook to show your ads to the right people based on their behavior.

Facebook knows so much about it’s users that it can detect if a user is more likely to click an ad, or view a video and will show an ad with the right objective.

There are 11 objectives all with different outcomes.

Want to know more about the benefit of Facebook Ads? I’ll be doing a live training in my free group in the 11th June at 11am as a Facebook Live.

Join me as I walk you through what the ads in my Facebook feed looks like and give you some inspo for how to get started with your own.

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