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I started using Medium.com back in 2018 to feel build my confidence with writing without feeling exposed by putting it on my business website.

The platform is a collection of amateur and professional writers and publications who can connect and comment on each other’s posts. It’s interconnected like a social network, in that you build followers and have the ability to share your posts to them and in dedicated publications.

This format isn’t a surprise as the platform was created by one of Twitter’s former founders, and it links seamlessly with the social network too allowing you to sign up with your Twitter account.

The case I make for using Medium with my clients is because of its audience size and their potential to reach a slice of it quickly.

There are over 180m monthly visits and if you tag your posts correctly and engage with enough articles in your niche, you have every possibility for getting your articles seen…and read. This isn’t something that can be guaranteed so quickly when you are starting out with a self-hosted blog.

It’s also faff-free in that it only asks for headline and words from it’s writers…and maybe a couple of images.

There’s no custom formatting and this is by design to allow you to focus on writing the words and for the reader to enjoy reading them.

This means you can write posts quickly and test your ideas out. Great for those who are looking to start writing for the first time without judgement.

Imagine not having the pressure of writing for your business about a subject that you’re just learning about?

The readership tends to like the following subjects:

Technology, Design, Marketing Life Learning, Business, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Culture, Politics.

It’s a great place for long-form, educational and intellectual content and if you have a guide or a “hack” you’ll find an audience there.

I started out with Medium to start exercising my writing muscles and write daily.

I would write about being a writer, movies, life as a mother of babies, and feminist issues amongst many things.

I got traffic to my posts by tagging the articles with hashtags that medium sort into the right category.

I also started to share them in Facebook Groups and with my network and slowly built a following.

Getting seen on Medium is all about writing that killer headline as it’s the thing that users see in the daily digest emails and on the homepage.

Using the stats feature each account gets, I was able to see what posts got the most engagement and then started the experiment with different headlines, post topics and lengths.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but you can judge a Medium article by it’s title – how else will a reader decide to click on it?

It should also give you the confidence to go in and reword a post, then reshare it. This is something you should be doing with your business blog but many of us don’t revisit posts once they’re published.

Writing and building up this traffic data can then give you the confidence to take the best performing posts and share them on your own business blog.

I’m over on Medium right here: https://medium.com/@heyvickijakes/ if you’d like to follow me and read my previous articles. I’d love to follow you and see how you get on too!



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